Summer Storm Protection

We all love summer, and if there’s one thing that we like the most is more time to relax. But with summer comes the storm season that can harm your house in many ways. We take safety as a number one priority, whether we are working or merely helping anyone out. Let us give you some tips that will help you protect your home and yourself.

#1: Generators

Although they seem simple, we all have that wonder if we are powering our house safely and efficiently. If you need a generator, think of what you need to power during a shut out. Maybe a refrigerator, phones, or even the coffee pot to make your delicious kick start of the day. When looking for a generator, the watts matter the most. Each appliance has a starting wattage posted on the owner’s manual, and if the manual is gone, simply google a wattage calculator. Another helpful tip is to get a generator with at least 10 hours of runtime; this will give you a full night of sleep without refueling. Avoid running out of gas; this can be an expensive mistake if the generator functions without fuel. NEVER CONNECT A GENERATOR TO A HOME’S WIRING!!! This can be fatal and has killed many people in the home or outside. If you intend to do this, call your electrician and discuss a transfer switch to ensure safety when doing so. Lastly, never run a generator too close to your house or inside. When it is a home generator installed by a professional, it is fine, but if it's portable, run it away from your home. The fumes and electricity running through the generator can cause a life-threatening mistake.

#2 Surge Protector

Now that your generator is safely running, let’s discuss surge protectors. When you think of a surge protector, it can be as small as a cord surge protector or power strip to a whole home surge protector. Power strips are useful, but they will not stop large surges such as lightning or high-energy waves. Surge protectors are better than nothing and are highly recommended, but it will not ensure full surge protection. If you are looking for a power strip, check to make sure it is UL certified, look at it's the electrical rating, and suppressed voltage rating. The appliances utilizing the power strip should not hold more watts than the power strip has been rated for.

A whole-home surge protector will ensure any high-energy surge will be stopped and protect your home and appliances from damage, as well as helping you save money on insurance claims. They are typically connected to your electrical box conveniently for easy access. Do not stress about how much voltage protection you need on a whole-home surge protector as your electric professional will recommend what you will need in applying a layer of protection.

#3 Home’s Electrical System

Although your house seems safe, have you ever had your electrical system inspected in the last year? If that answer is a no, don’t panic, make the call to get the inspection done. It may seem as all outlets are working, but during the test, we can see if a storm can cause some damage. On older houses, many systems are not grounded correctly or have a lightning protection system. There are many signs that your electrical system is inadequate such as, circuit breakers frequently tripping, fuses blowing, lights flickering when an appliance is turned on, etc. All are easy fixes that we can help alleviate some stress from you. When getting inspected, ask your electrician if the gas system or metal piping is grounded correctly. Gas and high-energy surges are never a good mix, ensure your safety by making sure the system is correct.

The summer is a time to relax and enjoy the beautiful weather. Don’t let mother nature get in the way of adding stress to your life. Let us take care of your needs. Follow our tips of looking into a generator, surge protectors/whole-home surge protectors, and inspection on your electrical system. No job is too big or too small for Electrical Plus when it comes to safety.

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