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Reducing Your Electric Bill

When we think of the peak heat of the summer, we think of blasting fans, air conditioning, and staying indoors and enjoying ice cream from the freezer. Since heating and cooling your home accounts for roughly 30-50 percent of your electrical bill, wouldn’t it be beneficial to try and lower that bill in any way you can? Summertime proves to be the most stressful time on your electrical system. Here are the reasons why summer turns up the heat for your electricity, and some tips to try and help it.

Heating and Cooling

As we mentioned, heating and cooling your home is the biggest stressor on your electric bill at the end of the month. During the warmest months, many homeowners use their air conditioners to cool off. When multiple people continually run their air conditioners the accumulated stress can cause increased bills, blackouts, brownouts, and even fires or electric shocks.

To help alleviate the burden of the Summer heat, make sure your electrical system undergoes proper maintenance every year. It is especially important to inspect and prepare your air conditioning system before the summer hits. The units around your house should be cleaned and maintained annually. The expert electricians at Electrical Plus are trained in a variety of services that will ensure your electrical system is safe and in peak condition. We can also aid in the installation of many modern appliances that are better suited to the Summer heat.

USES System

With the installation of the USES® Shunt Efficiency System A.C. Power Conditioner, homeowners and residential customer everywhere can instantly, automatically and permanently reduce their electricity cost by up to 25 percent, while improving the effectiveness of the electrical power This system will extend equipment life, improve equipment functionality and provide the safety of minimized EMF radiation.

USES provides both energy savings on inductive equipment and protection for all equipment powered from the panel. In addition, USES provides comprehensive power conditioning and enhancement, including power facot improvement, RF-noise reduction, and improved load balancing and voltage regulation.

Good Habits

With all of the workload being placed on your electrical system, it is sometimes necessary to give it a break. These habits not only help the system’s power output but also reduce the cost of the appliances altogether. These tips can be practiced during peak hours of electrical usage, which are typically in the mid-day. Here are some of the best practices you can try to lower that electric bill.

Hold off using electricity, if possible, until the evening. Since your air conditioner and refrigerator are such energy hogs, waiting to use other appliances like washing machines, dryers, ovens, and dishwashers can ease the burden on your electrical system.

Set your air conditioning to 85 degrees when you’re not home, allowing the unit to relieve some stress while not being completely off.

  • Verify your refrigerator’s temperature. 37°-40°F is the proper temperature for the refrigerator and 0°-5°F is the proper temperature for the freezer.

  • Set your water heater temperature to 120°F.

  • Turn off hot water and take shorter showers. Cold showers actually wake you up in the morning and increase your cardiovascular health. Give it a try!

  • Hang your clothes rather than run the dryer.

  • Instead of using your oven or stove, opt for a grill to start the backyard barbeque.

  • Turn of electrical appliances that are not in use. That includes televisions, air conditioners, and lights. Lighting alone counts for 10-15 percent of your total electrical usage.

Update your Electrical Features

Knowing the signs of electrical failure will help you realize which appliances are outdated and cause a burden on your electrical system. If using certain appliances causes lights flicker, electronics to shut off, or circuits to trip, the electrical system is either stressed or outdated. Contact us for a walkthrough of your home or office to ensure your loved ones and property are kept safe.

Updated refrigerators, washers, driers, and other appliances with an energy star rating cut the cost and the stress on your home electrical system. These installations are worthwhile investments that are long-lasting and practical. Additional installations that Electrical Plus can install include new outdoor and indoor lighting with LED and CFL bulbs, proper insulation, and light dimmers and timers.

If you’re looking to save on your next electrical bill, call us today. To instantly, automatically, and permanently reduce your home electricity cost by up to 25 percent, we will install the USES® Shunt Efficiency System A.C Power Conditioner. Just head to our website to receive a free quote!


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