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Top 5 Electrical Projects to Improve Your Home This Summer

With the first month of summer finished and temperatures just continuing to rise, it is time to think about making some electrical updates in your home so that you are more comfortable in the coming months. Summer is a great opportunity to evaluate whether some of your electrical systems need improvement or if brand new additions are necessary. See below for the top 5 electrical projects that people are investing in for this summer.

 it is time to think about making some electrical updates in your home

Ceiling fan

Update ceiling fans - Having a modern and efficient ceiling fan can completely change the air circulation in a room. During the summer, as temperatures are rising and air conditioning becomes more expensive, having ceiling fans can help move around the cool air throughout the entire room. On a cooler night open your windows, let some fresh air in, and let the ceiling fans move summer air throughout your home. Live cool and comfortable with the addition or update of ceiling fans in your home.

dimmer switch

Add dimming light switches - Want more or less light in a room? Consider adding dimming light switches to various rooms in your home. These switches allow you to decide how much light will be cast in the room and work in almost every lighting setting. As summer days get longer, you can dim more lighting during the bright days and add more light as the summer sun goes down. If you don’t like the full-strength brightness of LED lighting, dim the lights to prevent harsh lighting. Or just add a certain ambiance to a room with the dimmed lighting. There are so many more options when you install dimming light switches.

Outdoor/patio lighting - It’s no secret that as days get longer and temperatures rise, it becomes more enjoyable to sit outside. Whether it is sitting around with family in the evening or hosting guests out on the patio at night, adding lights outside can not only serve a functional purpose but can also add a pleasant decoration. Add some light fixtures on the side of your house or build them into your patio to make it easy to illuminate the outdoors. Just because the sun goes down doesn't mean it’s time to go inside.

surge protectors

Surge protection - Along with the start of summer comes the start of a season full of potentially severe thunderstorms. The last thing you want to happen is for all of your electrical appliances and power to go out. If there were to be lightning in the area, there is a chance that this lightning could affect your electrical power, but with a surge protector, any extra voltage will be diverted away from your main electrical outlets. Installing surge protectors can relieve some of the stress of a possible power outage during a summer storm.

Dead outlet

Repair dead outlets - You may have some outlets in your home that either don’t work or are on their final legs so now is the time to update them. Outlets are the power source behind all of your electrical appliances so if one goes out, that is one less place where you can plug in that ever crucial fan or phone charger. Not only this, but a dead outlet could also be dangerous and cause a fire if not taken care of in enough time.

All of these projects are the kinds that will make the summer months more enjoyable for you and your family. Trust Electrical Plus with the job and we will do our best work to ensure that these projects are done painlessly and just in time to beat the rising temperatures and summer weather. Visit our website here to schedule an estimate or book an appointment for us to come to get the job done.


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