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Top 10 Summer Landscape Trends of 2021

Lighting in garden bed

With summer quickly approaching, it may be necessary to add lighting to enhance your landscape. Lighting can make a significant impact and difference in how your landscape appears. Below are the top 10 summer landscape trends of 2021.

Edison bulb sting lights over patio

1. String Lighting

A popular trend these days is to add string lights to your trees. String lights add a unique ambiance to your backyard. They are the perfect addition when you want to have guests over for dinner or relax in your backyard with friends. There are different types of outdoor string lights to choose from. A few options to choose from are the LED Festoon Globe Lights, Solar LED Lantern String Lights, Vintage String Lights, Twinkle String Lights, and Outdoor Fairy String Lights.

2. Colorful Lighting

Colorful lighting is another way to make your backyard stand out. If you have any type of water fountain, pool, or walkway, you may think to add colorful lighting. It adds a special element to your backyard through your personal color choice. Choosing blues and purples exhibits a calm, relaxing presence whereas choosing reds elicits a warm feeling.

3. Uplighting

Uplighting has an aesthetically pleasing look and is the perfect addition to your backyard. When you decide to uplight, you have to mount the lighting below or at ground level so the light can shine upwards. There are various places in your backyard that you can uplight; some common places to uplight include trees, the front of your home, architectural columns, columns, and your garden if you have one.

Steps with custom lighting

4. Step Lighting

Not only does step lighting add value to your backyard, but it is also a way to increase safety for both your landscape and any guests you have over. Different places to include step lighting are on your steps, edges of walkways, or other hazardous areas. Without step lighting, guests could potentially trip or fall in your backyard. This lighting can be implemented either horizontally or vertically. It is recommended to have a light for each step.

5. In-ground Lighting

In-ground lighting enhances the visibility of your beautiful landscape and the surrounding area. It is yet another lighting technique that increases safety for your family and friends. Since the lighting is embedded into the ground, no one will trip over the lights; the light also illuminates the path to walk on. Common places to install in-ground lighting are on pathways, by a pool or fountain, and near your garden.

6. Recessed Lighting

By installing recessed lighting, you have more time to spend outdoors with family and friends. This lighting can easily blend into the background, is waterproof, efficient, and adds a subtle design element to your landscape. Usually, recessed lighting is installed into the ceiling or wall, but can also be mounted into patios or floors. This type of lighting allows you to choose a round or square shape, fixed or movable bulbs, and low-voltage or high-voltage.

Pathway lighting

7. Pathway Lighting

Pathway lighting illuminates both your house, your landscape, and the overall space around you. It is yet another lighting safety precaution as well as it can brighten the best features of your home. There are multiple types of pathway lighting to choose from; some options include step lighting, step riser lighting, downlighting, and path lighting. The actual lighting can be embedded into the ground, can be surface level, or can be above ground.

8. Accent Lighting

Accent lighting is yet another extremely popular trend; it is used to highlight, and focus light on, specific areas. This type of lighting creates a dramatic effect in your backyard. You should aim accent lighting at trees, rocks, statues, or the exterior of your home. Also, you can accent any water features such as ponds, pools, or waterfalls.

9. Torch Lamp Lighting

Torch lamp lighting can add a sophisticated and polished look to your landscape. Floor torch lamp lighting, in particular, has become favored. With today’s technology, this type of lighting can be controlled with your devices. This makes it easier to control from inside your home, outdoors, or even if you are on a trip. Common places to install this lighting are around your patio or near your garden.

Backyard pool with smart lighting

10. Smart Lighting

With the continuous improvements of technology, smart security lighting has become a huge trend. Being able to control your lighting through your device is both easily accessible and fun. This type of lighting has the benefit of choosing motion sensors. Motion sensors will alert you when someone, or an animal, is in your backyard. Not only will your home be beautifully lit up, but you’ll have a sense of relief with these safety features.

Think about if you want any of these summer landscape lighting trends to become an addition to your home. If you are interested in landscape lighting or have any ideas of your own, make sure to visit our website.

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