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Summer Home Electrical Safety Tips

maintaining electrical safety is imperative to make sure an electrical accident won't derail the rest of your summer.

Sweet summertime! What is better than relaxing by the pool or having a BBQ with friends and family? Although summer is nearing its end, there is still plenty of time to enjoy the sunshine. However, maintaining electrical safety is imperative to make sure an electrical accident won't derail the rest of your summer. By following just these few electrical safety tips, you can have a safe home this summer.

Keep electronic devices and toys away from water

Whether you're sitting by the pool listening to music on your phone, or working from home at a nearby table, electronic devices play a huge role in our daily lives. It is important to keep these devices away from any water as it might cause them to malfunction or injure you while you use them. If you just get out of the pool, wait to handle your devices until your hands and body are dry to keep water out of the devices. Tell the kids to keep their electronic toys away from the water as well.

Never approach a down wire or electric pole

Never approach a down wire or electric pole

Along with summer storms may come strong winds and these winds may bring down a nearby electrical wire. Make sure to never approach a wire if you see it in the street because doing so would electrocute you. There is no way to tell whether a wire is still charged or not so it is better to be safe and move away from it safely. When you see a down wire call your local township or local utility company to come to take care of it. While you're out on a bike ride or a run, avoid electrical poles as well for they may have electrical current running through them.

Make sure all appliances, including pools/hot tubs, are fully grounded

It is important to ground your appliances to avoid damaged circuits or electrical overloads. If there were to be an electrical surge, like during a summer thunderstorm, then the extra power could leap out of the wire and injure someone nearby or damage an appliance. Grounding will give the extra voltage somewhere to go, which is very important in a pool, or else the electricity could travel fast through the water and injure those nearby.

Make sure outlets have weatherproof covers

Make sure outlets have weatherproof covers

Any outlets that are outside should have weatherproof covers to keep water from getting inside them. Whether the outlets are on the deck or on the side of the house, covers should remain closed when not in use. And if you sense a storm coming in while working outside, unplug all chargers or other electronic devices and close up the cover.

Do not climb trees close to power lines

Even if the tree is not close to a power line when it stands freely, extra weight added to branches could make them reach into a power line. If the tree strikes the power line then there is a chance that the electricity from the line would jump to the tree and injure the person climbing. Kids should be able to have fun this summer so, make sure to talk to your kids about electric safety, especially if you have trees near power lines.

invest in outdoor ones to protect all sprinklers and other devices you plug in outside

Use outdoor extension cords

There are extension cords that are designed specifically to endure all kinds of weather. These wires are often thicker and have added material to keep water from getting to the electrical wire. Don’t use indoor extension cords, instead invest in outdoor ones to protect all sprinklers and other devices you plug in outside.

Have outdoor electrical equipment inspected annually

If you are worried about your electrical safety or if you have not had your electrical equipment inspected in a while, now would be the time to act. Having your equipment inspected annually adds another layer of safety as an electrical company, like Electrical Plus, could pick out problems and know how to fix them.

Don’t let an electrical accident ruin the rest of your summer, give Electrical Plus a call to handle all of your outdoor electrical safety needs. Or contact us on our website to get started with an electrical project.


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