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Natural Materials and Lighting: A Match Made in Heaven.

Natural Materials and Lighting: A Decor Match Made in Heaven

Are you looking for simple ways to decorate and upgrade your home? Have you ever considered switching up the lighting fixtures in your home? This simple swap can completely change the entire ambiance of a room. More specifically, opting for natural materials can add a subtle, yet ever so chic touch to the home. Here are some simple ways to incorporate natural materials into your home's lighting fixtures.

#1: Mixing Different Natural Materials

When you can’t decide between a wooden or metal lighting fixture in a certain room, why not opt for both? By combining the two you can effortlessly tie the room’s overall look together. For example, by combining wood and metal, you can add a dash of warmth and coziness to a modernized, sleek room, or vise versa! In doing so, you can take your home's decor into your own hands and add your own custom and unique style!

#2: Natural Textile Elements

Instead of opting for a generic cloth lampshade, why not make the simple switch of choosing a lampshade made from materials found in nature. Some examples of this include lampshades made from bamboo, crystal rocks, shell materials, soft cotton covers and more. By incorporating nature into a room you can easily add a simplistic yet stylish appearance that doesn’t shout “I’m trying too hard” throughout the space. These simple yet unique options will leave your guests envying the effortless elegance displayed throughout your home.

#3: Wood Beaded Chandeliers

It’s no secret that chandeliers can make a beautiful accent piece to any room, but sometimes they might be a little too elegant for your home space. Wooden beaded chandeliers are the perfect option when you are looking to add accents without overdoing it. They will capture the eye of anyone who enters the room in the most beautifully simplistic way. Not to mention they can add that vintage 70’s vibe to your home that is currently trending. Beaded chandeliers are the perfect way to make any room feel special, without being overly intimidating. For example, it would be a beautiful and cozy accent piece to any dining room while at the same time keeping the feel casual so your guests feel comfortable and at home.

#4: Basket Pendant

Another simple swap is to change out those old worn down lampshades for a woven basket pendant. This is especially true when you may already have wicker basket detailing. Changing the light fixture to a similar style or color is the perfect way to tie the whole room together while adding a sense of uniqueness and flare. Small details like a woven lampshade matching the woven basket that holds your throw blankets in the living room can change the entire room and really bring it together. This option is another relaxed, yet boho-chic replacement for chandeliers in any room. Much like the beaded chandelier, this unique woven fixture is sure to capture the eye of any guest who enters the room. Is it extremely versatile and the perfect way to add in traditional, modern or bohemian themes to your space.

Let Electrical Plus Help With Any of Your Electric Needs!

No job is too small! We give 100% to every light bulb change, just as we do to a remodeling or rewiring project. If you are looking to make these easy lighting upgrades but not sure where to start- give us a call! We use only high-quality, contractor-grade materials. For more information give us a call at (484) 459-4940.


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