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How To Prepare Your Home for the Holidays

It feels like just yesterday we were wondering if the hot summer was ever going to let up, and now we are entering into the holiday season! With Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas all coming up in the next three months, it is never too early to start planning for any holiday parties you may have or any special guests that may be brought to town for some festive fun. When people think of preparing their house for a festive gathering, they may pass over a very important step which is checking on your home’s electrical well-being. Luckily we have you covered with everything that you need to know about preparing your home for the holidays.

Holiday Decorations

Inspect your heating system - As the temperatures continue to fall, the brisk cold of winter will make its appearance. And there is nothing better than coming into a warm house to get out of the cold. Make sure to inspect your heating system to fix any problems that may keep you from heating your home. Not only will you have to live without heat, but your guests coming to town or coming into your home will be cold too! The heat has been off for over half a year now so just give it a test or an inspection to be ready to go on the first frost.

Outdoor extension cord

Consider purchasing outdoor extension cords - Do you enjoy adding some spooky flair to your front yard for Halloween or lighting up a giant Santa for Christmas? Then consider buying outdoor extension cords that are built thicker to withstand the harsh weather of the winter. Outdoor electrical cords can withstand rain, snow, and ice much better than an indoor extension cord could. So before taking decorations out of the attic and planning out your Christmas light show, invest in some outdoor extension cords to keep your display going all December long.

Check carbon monoxide detectors - The holiday season is a prime time for carbon monoxide build up so it is important to make sure your detectors are working. With your oven working to prepare all your delicious holiday recipes and the water heater working to keep up with colder temperatures, carbon monoxide may sneak its way into your home. A simple check of your detectors could prevent an evacuation for you and your guests.

smoking Christmas tree

Keep your Christmas tree away from heat sources - Christmas trees are a common household staple around the holidays but did you know that they are also the biggest fire risk. If not watered consistently, live Christmas trees will dry out quickly and if kept by a heat source like a refrigerator or heated lights, could go up in flames. Whether you have a live or fake tree this season, keep it in an area away from other appliances and don’t decorate it with lights that will get heated to the touch. Also, continue to water your live tree every day to slow down drying out.

Keep electrical safety in mind - With each holiday comes all kinds of fun and festive decorations. While this may look nice for you and your guests, make sure you don’t overload your outlets and cause an electrical fire. Make sure wires and cords are out of reach of children who may pull on them or pets that may chew on them. As always, keep moisture away from your electrical decorations and turn off all decorations before going to bed.

If you are ready to start getting ready for the holiday season, don’t skip out on ensuring your home is electrically safe. If you aren’t sure that something in your home is ready for all the festivities in the near future, call Electrical Plus to check it out or make any repairs!


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