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Home Repairs You Should Never Do Yourself

Save yourself the trouble and the safety risk and hire a licensed electrician to take care of all of your wiring upgrades.

Electrical issues can arise at any moment and be caused by a wide range of things, such as old equipment, bad weather, or tripping circuits. Many of these issues may come at inconvenient times and it could be easy to think you could take care of the problem yourself. Although you may be able to flip fuses on and off or fix a dead doorbell, there are many projects that you should not complete on your own. Not only is it dangerous to perform some of these tasks without a licensed electrician, but you also need to consider the building codes in your area when making electrical changes. Keep reading to learn about some of the electrical home repairs that you should never do yourself.

Wiring upgrades

Whether you have had the same wiring since you moved into your home or you think it’s time for an upgrade, working with your home’s central wiring system is something that you should never do yourself. You could possibly electrocute yourself or even spark a house fire that may be difficult to contain. In addition to physical harm, if you go to sell your house and the wiring is not done correctly, it could result in a failed inspection. The wiring then would have to be done all over again. Save yourself the trouble and the safety risk and hire a licensed electrician to take care of all of your wiring upgrades.

Ceiling fan

Fan installation

Another project that should be done by an electrician is ceiling fan installation. Again, there are safety concerns with the wiring in your ceilings that should not be done on your own. Having a licensed electrician put up your ceiling fan will be the most structurally sound option, as they will ensure that your fan is set into your ceiling in a safe and secure way. Ceiling fans are heavy, and depending on the material, could be quite large. A licensed electrician could bring a team that will support each other in carrying the weight of fan installation.

Circuit Installation

Extending or installing circuits

If you think one of the rooms in your home could use another outlet, or you find that your circuits consistently trip for no reason, it might be time to call an electrician. More outlets result in more room for your electronic devices to be plugged in, but first you will need to update your circuits to accommodate more use of electricity. This could entail some electrical panel work that should be done by an electrician. Anything in your house that requires changing internal wiring and electricity flow should be taken care of by an electrician for the utmost safety and security.

When taking on new electrical projects in your home, keep the building codes in your area in mind. This allows your home to be in line with safety and inspection policies. Instead of endangering yourself or your home, trust an electrician to come in and do the job correctly. If you would like to start a new project in your home, give Electrical Plus a call and trust us to get the job done right!


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