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Enhancing Your Outdoor Living And Entertainment Space

Benefits of Landscape Lighting

Landscape lighting creates many unique and practical ways to use your outdoor space at night. It provides increased space in your yard, safety for yourself and guests using walkways, and even protection from burglary. During the spring and summer months, landscape lighting can provide a shared space to entertain your family and guests. Our electricians have extensive experience designing and commissioning residential and commercial electrical installations, which makes us adept at creating beautiful and practical spaces with outdoor landscape lighting. Here are some of these practical and unique ways to add a little light to your outdoor living and entertainment space.

1. Walkway Lighting and Patio Lighting

Let us at Electrical Plus help you line your walkways with LED lights to keep them accessible during the night. The most practical feature of landscape lighting is that it can lead your guests clearly when the sun sets. This means you are no longer confined to indoor activities when entertaining guests and your family. Walkways can be lit up clearly to prevent falls, paths in your yard can be explored after hours, and uneven pavement or ground can be avoided entirely.

Once you have installed walkway lighting, outdoor gatherings become much safer and more comfortable for everyone around.

In addition to lighting your walkways, consider the addition of lighting your patio or porch to keep it connected to the rest of your house. A well-lit patio can be an excellent gathering place for your family. Electrical Plus can help you add hanging lights, lights built into stairs for safe access, or many varieties of grounded lanterns or pathway lights. When done correctly, the patio or porch should become easily your family and guests’ favorite part of the house.

2. Decorative Lighting

After the installation of patio and landscape lighting, consider decorative lighting to give your house that extra wow factor. Well placed spotlights can shine into gardens and accentuate architectural features of your home increasing the appeal of your house at night and the property value with it. In addition to better lit gardens, lighting the lawns allow for outdoor sports and games late into the evening. How many times has your game been cut short by the setting sun? Now, you’ll have time for a tie-breaker.

3.Customizable Lighting

Landscape lighting is the first choice to install when enhancing your outdoor space, but the next steps can be as creative as you want them to be. Placing wiring in specific locations is the key for energy efficiency and hooking up your various devices, and electrical wiring with Electrical Plus is safe, efficient, and customizable. To entertain your family and guests, there are multiple ways to set up an outdoor movie! Televisions can be placed in roofed, dry areas, or wait until it gets dark and set up a projector and a hanging tarp. This fun outdoor activity will be sure to entertain all ages!

4. Party Lighting

For a more adult gathering, set up a bar station with your new outdoor lighting. Share great times that won’t soon be forgotten with a cocktail party in your very own backyard. Electrical Plus can easily add safe and efficient extended wiring to speakers and grills for the best DIY bars or barbeques of the summer. There are many options with outdoor lighting, such as lighting your pools, installing electrical fireplaces, or installing a built-in barbeque. And of course, Electrical Plus can help with installing any of these set-ups.

Adding outdoor lighting will make your yard more safe, usable, and fun for your guests and your family. Take advantage of the warm temperatures this season like you never have before! For any of these outdoor projects, contact us at (484) 459-4940 to make it easy. When you think of electricity, think Electrical Plus.


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