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Electrical Plus Gives Back

Last month, Electrical Plus was presented with an opportunity that allowed us to give back to a fellow Veteran. When we got the call, we began to do an inspection to give a free estimate. Jim Beck informed us that his brother and sister felt unsafe in their home due to electrical issues.

Veteran's home

With these issues presented, there was a pretty high chance of an electrical fire. This was a potentially life-threatening risk for Beck’s brother, who is in an electric wheelchair. He would have had trouble evacuating his home in an emergency.

Andrew, our Operations Manager, went to give an estimate and met with Beck’s brother, the homeowner, who expressed his concerns. While getting to know the brothers and doing an inspection, Beck and his brother spoke of Jim’s time in the U.S. Army and being a proud Veteran.

After completing the inspection, the home turned out to have several major and potentially dangerous problems. After discussing the cost of the repairs with the Brother and expressing concern that he would not be able to afford them, Andrew reached out to the owner of Electrical Plus, Jeremy, and said: “Jeremy, I think you’ll want to look at this and maybe we can help.”

Electrical Plus on site work

Electrical Plus is a proudly owned Veteran business. Jeremy, a veteran himself, saw this as a great opportunity to not only give back to the community but to help out a fellow veteran. This was one of those situations where everyone involved was happy and grateful to be a part of it. After deciding this was an opportunity he couldn’t pass up, Jeremy called a team meeting. As the team gathered, Jeremy began to explain the situation. He said:

“Guys, we have an opportunity to help somebody in need”

This grabbed the room’s attention as our team was ready and eager to begin to give their time, talent, and dedication to someone who deserved it. The Electrical Plus team has formed a connection with Jeremey and understands the sacrifices Veterans have to make. We are beyond appreciative and proud of our fellow Veterans out there.

The Electrical Plus team in action

Our team was ready to give back. Jeremy asked if any of the team would be willing to donate their time on the weekend to get this project down and immediately every hand in the room went up. Electrical Plus was able to send 12 Team Members to the home of the fellow Veteran and covered all of the costs of the repair. The home is now a mobile and safe environment and fully within required codes.

As the project came to an end, Jim Beck and his brother Bill graciously showed gratitude. Everything Electrical Plus had done was not only beneficial to the homeowners, but it was a rewarding experience for our team as well. Doing this project Pro Bono, allowed us to ensure that the job was perfectly aligned with the safety regulations of the physically disabled homeowner without him having to worry about the financial burden.

Pro Bono work not only benefits the one receiving the service, but it also gives those performing the service an opportunity to build a personal connection with those they are helping.

Pro Bono work not only benefits the one receiving the service, but it also gives those performing the service an opportunity to build a personal connection with those they are helping. It also provides the team at Electrical Plus an additional chance to build their skills and do something good to give back.

Once completed, the project left everyone with a warm heart. We received a letter from Beck expressing his gratitude. Addressed to the entire team, in a heartwarming note he wrote:

“[Electrical Plus employees] were highly organized, efficient, courteous, and respectful. This was a true example of Veterans helping Veterans and their families.”

Electrical Plus review

We pride ourselves on having hard-working employees who treat every home they work on like their own. Beck described our team as “good men,” and we value that acknowledgment.

It was our honor to be able to give back to somebody who deserves so much more than just an electrical safety upgrade. We will forever be grateful for all that he and other veterans have sacrificed for our country.

The Electrical Plus team


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