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Common Electrical Issues That Electrical Plus Can Troubleshoot

There are so many different projects that Electrical Plus can do for your home’s electrical safety and style. Aside from the installation of fresh and new appliances, we can also troubleshoot any electrical issues you may be having. Whether we installed the original appliance or not you can trust our expert craftsman to find the issue and do whatever is necessary to solve that issue. The fall is here and it is a perfect time to troubleshoot any issues that may have popped up over the summer. Get them fixed so you can have full confidence in the electrical safety of your home this season. Below we have just a few of the many common electrical issues that Electrical Plus can troubleshoot for you:

Electrician troubleshooting

Whole-Home Surge Protectors: Electrical storms can pop up at any moment and you want to be prepared with surge protection. When there is electricity in the atmosphere, there is a chance that the extra electricity would strike your house. When this happens, the electricity will run to your outlets and the appliances plugged into them. This can cause an overwhelming amount of power to go through them and cause internal damage or an electrical fire. By having surge protectors, the extra electricity will be diverted into a grounding wire and prevent these issues. So, bring out Electrical Plus to keep your home safe from the effects of electrical storms.

Smoke detector

CO Detectors and Smoke Detectors: It is super important to have working carbon monoxide and smoke detectors in your home because sometimes these two dangers are not easily recognized by the human nose. If there is a fire or increased CO levels in your home, this could cause serious harm to you if not alerted in a timely manner. CO detectors and smoke detectors work to pick up these risks in your home and alert home occupants in a way that will get their attention if they are not paying attention or are asleep. Save yourself some stress and reduce the chances of bodily harm by having Electrical Plus troubleshoot any detectors in your home.

GFCI Outlets: A GFCI outlet is one that can sense an electrical fault and shut off the electrical power flowing to the outlet immediately. These kinds of outlets are common in areas that may get wet, like the kitchen or in a basement. By installing these outlets, it can diminish the chances of injury to yourself and the device that may be plugged into the outlet. It can also have preventive measures against electrical fires that could start from water getting into a fully charged outlet. Electrical Plus can make sure that all of your GFCI outlets are working to prevent electrical fires in your home.

Motion sensor light

Motion Sensors: If you have motion sensors outside of your home as an added layer of security you want to make sure that they are working properly. Whether they are there to add some light to an outdoor gathering or there to alert possible trespassers that they are being seen, motion sensors can do great things for your outdoor spaces. Motion sensors could also come in handy in an indoor closet or pantry so you can save the step of trying to find a light switch in the dark. If you notice that your motion sensors are not picking up on very obvious movement, it may be time to call Electrical Plus to troubleshoot the problem.

Generators: A lot of people with homes and businesses rely on generators when their power goes out. Sometimes generators can be the difference between being able to keep your business open or having to close for the day. Generators can also keep the heat going during a winter power outage and the air conditioning on for the hottest of days. Generators can also be a big investment so making sure they work properly and efficiently is an essential part of their function. A new season could mean more weather changes so call Electrical Plus to come to look at your generator today.


Trust Electrical Plus with troubleshooting any and all electrical issues that may have an impact on your home or business this fall. Nothing is worse than having an unexpected issue that was preventable by just a simple inspection and troubleshoot. To schedule an appointment, visit our website or give us a call at (484) 459-4940.


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