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Behind The Scenes of Our New Commercial

electrical plus team standing in front of company vans

edge of cinema electrical plus filming setup

It was an exciting day on set as we prepared to shoot our latest commercial with Edge of Cinema! The energy was high as the crew set up the cameras and lighting equipment. Our goal for the day was to showcase and communicate our services and core values here at Electrical Plus.

Our mission is to consistently deliver efficiency in service, clean-up, and a job well done. We also wanted to showcase our involvement in our local community and our owner, Jeremy Mueller. Jeremy is known to serve on the board at North Star of Chester County, a local resource for single-parent support. At Electrical Plus, we are a member of the Exton Region Chamber of Commerce. We sponsor many local Chamber events, such as the Breakfast with Santa event, shown in our commercial.

owner jeremy mueller being filmed for electrical plus photoshoot

We chose to shoot at our shop, our brand new office, Calvary Lutheran Church, owner Jeremy Mueller’s house, North Star of Chester County’s Office, and our client’s home in Glenmoore, PA. The Christmas shots with Santa were from our Breakfast with Santa event in December at the Movie Tavern in Exton. Those were the only shots done on a different day. Everything else was done during our one shoot day.

During the shoot, we focused on showcasing our electrical skills and services. We highlighted our team’s ability to provide safe and reliable electrical work, as well as our commitment to customer satisfaction. We utilized close-up shots of tools and equipment and showed our crew members in action to give the audience a sense of what they could expect from our services.

Jeremy is seen shaking hands with Don Neimetz, the Executive Director of North Star, in front of their office. We even had a special guest appearance, Jeremy’s wife, Joanne, stars as “customer #1”.

The filming process was very successful, as each take improved upon the previous one. The crew collaborated efficiently, resulting in the capture of flawless shots. The atmosphere on set was positive, and there was a great sense of accomplishment in the project we were working on.

We would like to express our gratitude to everyone who contributed to making our commercial unforgettable, with a special shoutout to Edge of Cinema! We have had a fantastic partnership for years, and they are also our fellow members at the Exton Region Chamber of Commerce. Our commercials are broadcasted on different channels in Chester County, and some of the footage was even showcased before each film at the West Chester Film Festival in April 2023. Keep an eye out for our owner, Jeremy, and the entire team at Electrical Plus, as they will be making an appearance on your TV screen!

Click here to see the finished product:


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