Save on Bills

Save up to 25% on your home electric bills!

Save up to 25% on your home electric bills!

Now homeowners and residential customer everywhere can instantly, automatically and permanently reduce their electricity cost by up to 25 percent, while improving the effectiveness of the electrical power – which will extent equipment life, improve equipment functionality and provide the safety of minimized EMF radiation. All with the USES ® Shunt Efficiency System A.C Power Conditioner. The electrical watchdog that never sleeps.

Easy Installation

Most homes require a single USES unit which can easily be installed at the service entrance circuit breaker panel. Once installed in this position, USES provides both energy savings on inductive equipment abnd protection for all equipment powered from the panel. In addition, USES provides comprehensive power conditioning and enhancement, including power facot improvement, RF-noise reduction, and improved load balancing and voltage regulation.

Proven Performance

Over 1,000 private and commercial sites, now enjoy the many benefits that USES provides. Commercial sites include the U.S. Navy, U.S. Marine Corps, the State of Connecticut, Reebok International and Washington Airport.

Pays for itself

The damage to electronic and electrical equipment caused by a single surge or spike can easily exceed the cost of a USES unit for the home. In addition, the savings you see every month on your electric bill add up quickly. Specific savings depend on the electrical equipment, the hours of operation and the utility rates. A USES unit typically pays for itself within two to three years of installation through energy savings alone.


USES® Shunt Efficiency System


  • Reduces power costs, typicall from 10-15%;
    reductions up to 25% have been documented!
  • Increases system capacity
  • Extends electrical equipment life
  • Reduces electrical equipment maintenance
    costs (and associated downtime)
  • Improves equipment functionality
  • Improves radio, TV and telephone
    reception (thanks to less line noise)
  • Provides a healthier, EMF-reduced
  • Environmentaly responsible – saves energy!


  • Maintenance-free
  • Installs easily
  • Reduces line current and wattage
  • Helps to balance loads
  • Reduces EMF radiation strength from point of connection back to the source
  • Protects against surges and spikes
  • Reduces line noise
  • Improves voltage regulation
  • Improves power factor
  • All units backed by a three-year warrant

Save up to 25% on your home electric bills!

Model RDES-1 CMES-1
Line Voltage 120/240 Vac 120/240 Vac
Nominal Freq. 50Hz/60Hz
Power Dissipation per 8X20 µsec. >525 joules >650 joules
Peak Pulse Current >20,000 A >20,000 A
Max Surge Current per 8 X 20 µsec. 10,000 A
4 Shots
10,000 A
4 Shots
Nominal Clamping Voltage 130/250 Vrms 130/250 Vrms
Maximum Steady State Voltage 340 V 340 V
Response Time
Surge Rebound inherent “self healing” property
Standby Power >8 watts >10 watts
Total Capacitance 150 µF 200 µF
Operating Temp. – 40 °C to +70 °C
Unit Temp. Rise
Audible Noise at 3′
Operating Life >60,000 hrs with over 95% survival
Line Connections (THHN Single Cond.) #10 #10
Circuit Braker Requires 20 A, 2 pole 20 A, 2 pole
Dimensions (H X W X D) 6”X6”X4” 10”X8”X6”
Estimated Weight 7 lbs 8 lbs
Estimated Savings (Note 1) 0.5 kW
0.5 kWh/hr
1.0 kW
1.0 kWh/kr
Warranty 3 Years

Note1: kW and kWh savings are provided for inductive loads only. Actual savings depend upon load characteristics. Specifications subject to change.

“Your invention really works! Since the USES unit waqs installed the average daily usage was down to 15kWh from 24 kWh (before USES was installed).”

Bud Soloman
Nantic, CT

“I purchased USES for my home approximately two years ago. In this time my power bill has gone down approximately 25 percent and has consistently stayed there.”

Andrew Smith
Quaker Hil, CT