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Smart Home Trends to Look Out for in 2022

Technology is constantly changing and so should your home. As we get better at making devices meant to improve our living, we are seeing developments in the movement towards smart home technology. “Smart home” refers to the implementation of automation systems in your home that can control or monitor things like lighting, climate, entertainment systems, and other appliances. The things that used to need manual changing can now be set with the simple click of a button on your smartphone or even the sound of your voice. Smart home technology is climbing to the top of home buyers’ lists of preferences and is becoming increasingly popular in newer homes. We expect 2022 to be full of fresh and innovative smart home technology that you don’t want to miss out on. Read below for some of the smart home trends to look out for in 2022!

Energy efficiency everywhere - With climate change and the push to help the environment on everybody’s mind, many smart home technologies are making the switch to more energy-efficient operation measures. These changes can happen with lighting, heating and cooling, as well as with smart thermostats that make energy-efficient changes to your home. LED lights are much better for the environment and we are seeing many lighting fixtures being switched over. Some systems that control your lighting can also sense when you have larger entertainment consoles on, like your T.V., and will then dim the lights to an energy-saving level. These same systems allow you to turn lights on and off even when you are away from your home, resulting in saved energy and a lower electric bill. Going green with your smart home appliances is going to be crucial this upcoming year.

Automated security systems - Protecting yourself and your home is getting a whole lot easier with automated, high-tech security systems. Like many smart home technologies, alarm systems give you the opportunity to arm your home from your phone while you are away and also include motion sensors that will pick up on any activity inside your home. The use of smart cameras at the entrances of your home are also becoming increasingly popular. Companies such as Amazon and Google make doorbell cameras where you can see and hear if anybody approaches your doorstep. You can know exactly when packages are dropped off, when your kids get home safe, or if you have any unwanted visitors. All of this can be viewed in an app on your phone everywhere you go.

Smart appliances - The modern push toward voice-controlled and auto-controlled devices first came to fruition with the creation of the Amazon Echo Dot and its “Alexa” features. Since then, smart appliances that are voice-controlled, auto-controlled, or gesture-controlled have become much easier than manually switching on lights or turning on devices. Nowadays, smart TVs can control your heating, and phone apps can turn lights on and off. Gone are the days of leaving lights on and having to run upstairs to turn them off. Instead, companies like Amazon and Google make it easy for you to turn them off right from your spot on the couch.

Healthier home devices - It is easy to say that after the past year, our health is at the forefront of our minds. Luckily, smart home technology has you covered. With state-of-the-art air filtrations systems and humidity controls, you can rest knowing you are breathing clean, dry air with in your home. Smart thermostats let you monitor the temperatures in your home and change them from the comfort of your bed. Fire alarms and carbon dioxide detectors are becoming more efficient with better technology that can pick up these dangerous signals in your home. There are even devices that will monitor your sleep and your body temperature so you can keep a close eye on your internal health.

The best thing about this increase in smart home technology is the ability to make all devices communicate. Full home automation connects every device in your home and ensures that every room is covered. If you want to get ahead of these trends for the new year, be sure to contact Electrical Plus to see what we can do for you!


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