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New Year, New Organized Kitchen

A New Year is the perfect time to create ambiance in your home. While you may be thinking “I don’t have time or money for that,” you can actually create a fresh space by re-organizing it and adding some minor upgrades. Here are 6 easy kitchen upgrades that will make your kitchen not only look better but also easier to use!

It’s Time to Clean Out the Junk Drawer

#1: It’s Time to Clean Out the Junk Drawer

You know that random drawer in your kitchen filled with medicine, loose cough drops, take out sauce packets, expired coupons and who knows what else? It is time to make that space useful. Start by completely emptying the drawer of its contents. Next, throw out all the trash. This includes the expired coupons, random wrappers, and whatever else that isn’t actually serving a purpose in your home. Then you’ll want to take anything out of that drawer that doesn’t belong there, but you may still need. For example, any medications can return to the medicine cabinet, loose paper clips or rubber bands can make their way back to your supply drawer. Assigning everything in your home a specific place will make it easier to find and also keep it less cluttered.

Get Drawer Dividers for Each Drawer

#2: Get Drawer Dividers for Each Drawer

Instead of opening the utensil drawer and fumbling around for a spatula while your food burns, make this drawer more easily accessible by placing dividers. These dividers will keep everything in their place while making the utensils easier to find. This will make getting to your tools easier without having to shuffle through a bunch of unnecessary items, and also keep your drawers from getting stuck while you try to open them because the utensils are just thrown in there.

Get a spice rack

#3: Get a Spice Rack

If your spices are just placed in a cabinet right now, you know how hard it can be to find the one specific spice you are looking for. Consider getting a spice rack that you can hang on either the wall or the inside of a cabinet/pantry door. This will not only open up a cabinet for more storage, but it will also allow you to find what you are looking for without wasting time picking up the wrong one.

Opt for Glass Front  Cabinet Doors

#4: Opt for Glass Front Cabinet Doors

By making the switch from solid cabinets to see-through, glass doors, you are making it easier to see inside your cupboards to find what you are looking for. No more opening and closing 3 different cabinets just to find one pot. Another perk to glass front cabinets is that you are more likely to keep the interior nice and organized because everything can be seen from the outside. This will help you better identify what you need more of and what you have enough of. No more buying an extra jar of peanut butter because you did not see the spare you had in the back of the cabinet.

Switch to Clear, Labeled Containers

#5: Switch to Clear, Labeled Containers

When looking for kitchen organization inspiration, a common theme is filling your pantry with clear labeled containers. There are many perks to making the switch from a disheveled box, to a clean crisp container. The first being, they simply look better. They appear sleeker and can coordinate together giving your pantry a very put-together appearance. The second being that they enable you to see how much is remaining of what you have. For example, instead of having 3 half used boxes of pasta just sitting in your cabinet, you place similar kinds of pasta together, that way you know how much penne you have left.

Install Interior Lighting to Your Cabinets

#6: Install Interior Lighting to Your Cabinets

By adding small lighting fixtures under or within your cabinets, you will again be able to completely see its contents. A small change like this can save you time rather than having to go find a flashlight to see in the back of that one cabinet where things tend to disappear. By adding more lighting and better visibility you can account for all the contents within your kitchen.

Not sure how to install lights into your cabinets? Let us help! Here at Electrical Plus, no job is too small! From small installations to rewiring, we’ve got you covered. Just give us a call at (484) 459-4940 for more information.

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