Kitchen Electrical Upgrades

If you’re planning a kitchen remodel, it’s imperative to not overlook your electrical system. Updating your electrical units will make a huge impact in your new kitchen.

New Aesthetic

From new designer light switches to lighting ranges that can be modern or traditional, choose a new aesthetic for a bolder look in your home. A great way to add a statement to your kitchen is by adding pendant lighting over your countertop or island. Some popular types of pendant lighting include drums, lanterns, globes, etc. If you want more of an ambient lighting to make the space warmer, drums are fully shaded and give that glowy feel to your space. Brighter task lighting is better used in bell shaped fixtures. Pendant lighting is meant to bring balance to a room with function and beauty. You want your accent lighting to be able to complement the rest of your new kitchen decor.

Pop-up Electrical Outlets

Most older kitchens don’t have enough electrical outlets to suit our modern needs. Pop-up outlets are a great option to add more outlets and to avoid clutter on your countertops. A pop-up outlet is built right into the countertop and is pressed and only visible when needed. This makes it a great option for people that pull out small appliances like toasters, blenders, etc. only when they need to. It’s also great for when you are using your counter space as a desk area to plug your phone or computer into while at home. There are several different types of these outlets that you can choose from when designing and planning out your remodel. A pop-up outlet can be configured with single electrical outlets, USB ports, or a combination of both for more efficiency.

Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter Plugs

Another thing to consider throughout your renovation is how you can modernize your electrical safety circuits. The easiest way to prevent severe electrical shocks is by installing ground fault circuit interrupters. A ground fault circuit interrupter allows protection in receptacles when your electrical equipment may be near water or have contact with water. In short, these circuits will immediately stop the flow of harmful electrical currents.

Invisible Outlets

One way to get rid of the eyesores that power outlets and light switches create is by covering them with stylish plates. In 2020, a huge new lighting trend consists of removing your outlets' cover plates entirely, and to invest in flush, invisible outlets. A flush-mounted power outlet can be installed into your walls in a way where there is no need for outlet coverings because the surface is smooth over your wall. Invisible outlets allow for virtually no wall clutter because you can hardly see them! It also makes for a great option to add to your kitchen renovation because it allows appliances to be backed up right against the wall. This is not a DIY project as this can only be completed successfully during the drywall installation process.

Data Ports

As our technology advances continue to grow, we are constantly looking for the next best solution in regards to charging our devices quickly and efficiently. Most of our devices from cell phones, to computers, to wireless charging ports have to be plugged into a USB in order to charge. How convenient would it be to have USB data ports integrated into the outlets of your home? This simple change can allow you to charge any USB-equipped device at full speed without a box that needs to be connected to the wall.


The last way that you can spruce up your kitchen lighting and electrical needs is by updating your light fixtures with dimmers and timers to not only save on your electric bill, but to setfor any mood. Dimmers are perfect for subtly adding light from nighttime to daytime without the harsh flip of a switch. Dim bulbs will add an inviting ambience to your kitchen. Light dimmers also provide more value to your home as this trend isn't going anywhere anytime soon. In new home building, most houses are now constructed with dimmer switches because in the long run, they save energy and you’re helping the environment.

How Electrical Plus Can Help You

All of our electricians at Electrical Plus are licensed and trained with quality skills and education to handle every job with expertise and professionalism. Electrical Plus is available on your schedule, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. For more information about our installation process for your new kitchen electrical needs visit our Contact Page to send us an inquiry.

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