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Everything You Need to Set Up Your Home Schooling Areas

Learning from home

The “homework gap” refers to the barriers that students face at school when they don’t have access to a high-speed internet connection at home. Due to COVID-19, this barrier is becoming more apparent than ever, especially when schools haven't had enough time to plan virtual learning systems before making the decision to move online. In order to ensure that your children are not a part of the “homework gap,” it's vital to keep your home equipped with the right outlets, wifi connections, and lighting for their new workspaces.

Student needing help

Faster Internet

Figuring out how to make your wifi faster has now become a necessity since at-home learning has become our reality. Updating your cable lines can provide you with increased internet speeds. In the end, a wired connection to your router will always be faster and more stable than a wireless connection. For tidy and reliable cable management, hiring a professional will always be worthwhile. No one wants to see wires trailing across the floor.

Electrical outlets

Add More Outlets

Older homes tend to only have a few outlets in each room, and they always seem to be in an inconvenient location. With added devices that need an outlet, this can be a problem when trying to work efficiently. By adding more outlets in spaces that are more convenient, your children can make the most use out of their new homeschooling situations.

Extra outlets can also help with your wifi problems if there are issues with dead zones in your home. A wifi extender or repeater can connect to your current router wirelessly to make your connection stronger and move further throughout your home. A wifi extender needs to be plugged into a socket, and if all of your sockets are already in use with necessary devices, then more outlets make a lot of sense.

Ethernet cables

Cables Are More Secure

Wifi is not always entirely secure and can be hacked into by unwanted users. A wired network through an ethernet cable is more reliable and there is less of a chance for your child to disconnect from their Zoom calls for school. By physically plugging your device into a cable, it can be a lot less stressful to have to rely on a wireless connection. This type of connection also consumes less energy and will lower your energy bill. In times like this, when we are staying at home and using wifi for our devices a lot more frequently, it helps to save money anywhere you can.

At home learning space

More Lighting, More Productivity

You can also upgrade your at-home learning environment by installing more lighting. LED bulbs reduce eye strain and should be utilized in these spaces or offices. This kind of lighting replicates daylight and is proven to increase productivity. Pendant task lighting would be the perfect installation for having a defined light source. Task lighting can help your children focus directly on what they're working on without getting distracted.

Your children's working environment will have a lot of impact on how they go about getting their schooling done. It’s extremely important to plan out all aspects of configuring their virtual learning center. These tips on updated wiring and new lighting fixtures can help you get started on what to prioritize to provide them with the best opportunities to learn better in a space that they aren’t quite familiar with. In any wiring and electrical home improvement project, you should always refer to a professional with quality training and knowledge. Visit our website for more information about Electrical Plus’ services.


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