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Benefits Of Landscape Lighting And The Different Styles

When it comes to landscaping, most people think of trees, planters, or perfect lawn stripes. But what happens when the sun goes down and your yard is left pitch black? Landscaping perfectionists can rest easy knowing there are practical and economical ways that Electrical Plus can help implement landscape lighting to your home.

Benefits of Landscape Lighting


The most obvious benefit of landscape lighting is the aesthetic value that it adds to your home. Gardens look stunning while lit up at night, and walkways become dramatic and appealing.Well placed lighting can also elevate the appearance of the architectural features of your house. Outdoor lights add to curb appeal, which is always useful to consider while selling or increasing the property value of your home.


Landscape lighting is especially useful at creating more usable spaces in the night time. Your deck, patio, or courtyard can be a relaxing, unique space to unwind after the day and entertain guests. Lighting walkways can make your outdoor spaces interesting and usable in the night as well.If you are worried about the electric bill, there are also many LED systems, which are bright, long lasting, and energy efficient. Speak to a technician at Electrical Plus about the options of lighting they can install in your home.


Well-lit places are less likely to becomes victims of crime. This added security measure decreases the likelihood of robbery and other forms of home invasion. Illuminating entrance points discourages burglars from entering a home. In addition to safety from crime, landscape lighting helps your family and guests avoid hazardous areas in the dark. Stairs, pools, small plants, and drop-offs are all easily visible when walkways are illuminated. Consider placing these lights in your driveways, walkways, and entrances to your home.


There are several styles of outdoor lighting that can create varying moods in your outdoor environment. Perhaps the most common and classic of these is traditional lighting. This style is reminiscent of lanterns used back before the invention of electric lights, and gives your home a cozy, antique feel. If your home is more modern, consider adding contemporary lighting. This style prioritizes sleek, elegant design and minimalism. If you cannot decide between the two, try transitional lights. These are a good mid-way point between the two. They are not as ornate as traditional lighting, but not as minimal as contemporary lights. Other styles to consider are coastal, mission, or kits. The actual fixtures range from path lights, flood lights, solar, and in-ground lights.


Self-installation can be tedious, and when done incorrectly, even dangerous. Avoid shocks and incorrectly wired systems by calling a technician at Electrical Plus. Our expert technicians can install and create stunning outdoor displays for you and your home. If you have existing landscape lighting or an expensive electric bill, call now to find out how we can help you instantly, automatically and permanently reduce their electricity cost by up to 25 percent, while improving the effectiveness of the electrical power – which will extend equipment life, improve equipment functionality and provide the safety of minimized EMF radiation.


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